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Payment Information

Electronic payments (PayPal)
Tuition ($300) - Click here.
Tuition with Partner Group Discount ($250) - Click here

Pay by Check:
Print the confirmation email and submit a check payable to "Band at the Beach"
(Please write the participant name in the memo)

Band at the Beach Music Camp
PO Box 155235
San Diego, CA 92195

Refund Policy
Full refunds will be provided when requested before July 1st.
There is a $100 cancellation fee after July 1st. 

About Scholarships:
We hope that money will not be the determining factor in a studentís musical development. The Band at the Beach board works throughout the year to raise money for scholarship.

Please use the following link to complete our Scholarship Request Form

Once we receive your form, we will reach out to you with our ability to provide a scholarship as soon as possible. 
Note: all scholarship requests will be completed by June 26th

Remaining Balances must be paid by June 30th. 

Band at the Beach © is an unincorporated, copyrighted 501c3 non-profit organization. More information is available at bandatthebeach@gmail.com).

We had the great privilege of being in the audience for the Band at the Beach concert on the 18th. There are no words strong enough to express our admiration for the adults and the students involved and the great concert they were able to present. Everyone involved should be immensely proud of his and her efforts.

Our grandson played the tuba in the concert. He told us that he was amazed at the superiority of the teachers that week over the teachers he has had in other situations. His verbatim comment was "These are real teachers!"

Thank you to you for your leadership and for allowing us to hear the results.

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San Diego CA 92195

E-mail: bandatthebeach@gmail.com

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