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2020 Program Location
Point Loma Nazarene University

Our 32nd Band at the Beach Music Camp will be held at Point Loma Nazarene University in the Cooper Music Center, a beautiful music facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

About PLNU
PLNU’s campus is made up of a vibrant community committed to your academic, spiritual, and personal development as you pursue your calling. And this all happens at a place that overlooks a beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean. Find out what makes PLNU unlike any other campus.

Point Loma Nazarene University offers more than 60 areas of study, making it easy to find an academic path to prepare you for a rewarding and meaningful career. Our majors, minors, and concentrations are designed to provide challenging, balanced courses that are full of depth and combine theory with real-world experience, equipping you with the knowledge and experience necessary for life after graduation.

Click here (www.pointloma.edu/undergraduate/visit) for a tour of the campus.

Music at PLNU

Our department’s academic programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, and our courses are designed to help you develop into a musician with critical listening and thinking skills, knowledge of the body of music, and knowledge of the theory used to create music.

Whether you come to PLNU knowing exactly what you want to do with your music or without any idea of what your musical journey will be, we are here to help you cultivate your life’s passion into a calling. Your experiences in your classes and performances will help you to discover your full potential not only as a¬†musician, but as an effective member of your personal and professional communities.


We had the great privilege of being in the audience for the Band at the Beach concert on the 18th. There are no words strong enough to express our admiration for the adults and the students involved and the great concert they were able to present. Everyone involved should be immensely proud of his and her efforts.

Our grandson played the tuba in the concert. He told us that he was amazed at the superiority of the teachers that week over the teachers he has had in other situations. His verbatim comment was "These are real teachers!"

Thank you to you for your leadership and for allowing us to hear the results.

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